Wednesday, 12 August 2015

About Swami Vachanananda and Shwaasa

At the age of 17 Swami Sri Vachananand attained sanyasi in the Lingayat tradition situated in the Karnataka district and he has been doing many yoga camps, giving lectures in all across the country and in the world. He is thorough practitioner of Yoga. He not only practices Yoga but also teaches people how to perfect Yoga by doing it correctly.
He was born in a religious family in north Karnataka, before him his parents had three girls. Before his birth they went to see a Lingayat guru who told them that they would have a baby boy, however he would be a sadhu or yogi and would repudiate family life. At the point when the mother was pregnant, the guruji gave "garbha-diksha" and told the mother that all through the pregnancy she had to chant this mantra.

The child Vachananand was taught in various Lingayat schools and ashrams and given sanyasa after he completed school and became swami Vachananand. He is a brilliant individual, a true Yogi and every bit of second thinks to help people who are in need. He wants everyone to do Yoga and make their life fruitful by helping each other. He teaches Yoga and his philosophy in Hindi, English and Kannada.

As Govt  of India is also trying to make Yoga a compulsory subject in schools and colleges and people are more concerned about their health  and fitness, Yoga gurus such as Baba Ramdev, Swami Vachananand, swami Iyengar and many more conducts Yoga camps across the country.  Swami Vachanananda conducted a long Yoga camp in Bangalore on International Yoga Day which happened on June 21 2015 where thousands of people gathered and learned Yoga from swami. Many celebrities also attended that Yoga camp. Swamiji conducts Yoga classes in his organization Shwaasa which is situated in Boopasandra, Bangalore. He gives training to people who are passionate to do Yoga and teach people in Yoga teachers training program in Bangalore and provides them certification from his organization.


  1. Being with Shwaasa organization from past two months I got rid of my stress, depression and sleep disturbance. After a long time I am feeling positive change in my life and also having a fresh mind and thoughts to overcome my daily challenges.

    1. When I was practiced Pranayama and meditation, it's helped me to over come from the tension and stress. After practicing yoga some magic was happened in my life.

  2. Hey everyone my uncle is diabetic patient, taking medicine from past 2 years visited so many doctors but the results are same as before. One of my friends, who is a part of Shwaasa suggested consulting Sri Vachananand Swamiji. Swamiji went through all the reports & prepared diet chart suggested to join yoga at Shwaasa . After that he joined Yoga course and did yoga for one month. He is now doing yoga regularly on his own. Now his blood sugar level is under control. He Lives stress free, eats whatever he likes!!!

  3. I am Vasanth from Dehli and living in Bangalore since past 4 years. I had severe back pain and I didn’t get any solutions from allopathic medicines. I saw Shwaasa Guru’s program in TV 9 then I bought back Pain Yoga DVD’ and started practicing daily. Later I felt tremendous effect on my health. It completely cured not only my back pain, but I am feeling physically fit. Kudos to Yoga gurus at Shwaasa!